When people ask me what I miss about being a young guy––35, for example, or 58––I say playing ball. If it was pouring rain on game day, I would drive down to the park and sit there in my car for an hour or two, hoping my team mates would show up.

Granville Grange Zephyrs ← My team, the Granville Grange Zephyrs (ZEDS), at Nat Bailey Stadium, having just won the first Kosmic League Championship tournament.
The Zunks, a team that combined the Zephyrs and The East End Punks, 1973(?) → The Zunks
George Bowering & Brian Fawcett ← My ball team in the Twilight League, The Granville Book Company Paperbacks. I’m instructing writer and catcher Brian Fawcett. Woodlands Park, Vancouver, 1990
Some of the Bad Backs, a team I played with in the 90s. Officially the team was called the Paperbacks (Back row: Gary Klinks, Mike Barnholden, Brian Fawcett, GB. Front: Gill Collins, Paul Naylor) → The Paperbacks