"A reason to like chapbooks is that they are made by people who really find writing, especially poetry, more important than income and fame. Ironically, early Ezra Pound chapbooks are impossibly expensive now. But here’s an image I often think I see: a man or a woman bent over a pile of little half-made booklets, a needle and thread in his or her hand, a frowning forehead and smiling lips."

from RUBY WOUNDS, Ottawa, Above Ground, 2022, with Artie Gold.

HotelsOttawa, Above Ground, 2021.

David in Byzantium, Cobourg, Proper Tales Press, 2019.

That Toddlin Town, Ottawa, above/ground books, 2016

Sitting in Jalisco, Ootischenia, Nose-in-Book, 2016.

Los Pájaros de Tenacatita, Ootischenia, Nose-in-Book, 2013.  

A Little Black Strap, St. Paul, Unarmed, 2009.

Shall I Compare, Penticton, Beaver Kosmos, 2008.


According to Brueghel, North Vancouver, Capilano, 2008.

Fulgencio, Vancouver, Nomados, 2008.    

Valley, Calgary, No Press, 2008

Animals, Beasts, Critters, Vancouver, JB Objects, 2008.

There Then, Prince George, Gorse Press, 2008.

Tocking Heads, Edmonton, above/ground, 2007.

Horizontal Surfaces, Edmonton, Olive Collective, 2007.

Some Answers, Mt. Pleasant, ON, LaurelReed Books, 2007.

Eggs in There, Edmonton, Rubicon, 2007.  

U.S. Sonnets, Vancouver, Pooka, 2007.

Montenegro 1966, Calgary, No Press, 2007.

A Knot of Light, Calgary, No Press. 2006.

Crows in the Wind, Toronto, BookThug, 2006.

Rewriting my Grandfather, Vancouver, Nomados, 2005.

Lost in the Library, Ellsworth, ME, Backwoods Broadsides, 2004.

Joining the Lost Generation, Calgary, House Press, 2002.

Some Writers, Calgary, House Press, 2001.

6 Little Poems in Alphabetical Order, Calgary, House Press, 2000.

A, You’re Adorable, Ottawa, Above Ground, 1998, 2004.

Blondes on Bikes, Ottawa, Above Ground, 1997.

Sweetly, Vancouver, Wuz, 1992.

Do Sink, Vancouver, Pomflit, 1992. (Winner, bp Nichol chapbook award, 1992).

Quarters, Prince George, Gorse Press, 1991. (Winner, bp Nichol chapbook award 1991)

Spencer & Groulx, Vancouver, William Hoffer, 1985.

Uncle Louis, Toronto, Coach House, 1980.

In Answer, Vancouver, William Hoffer, 1977.

Layers 1-13, Kitchener, Weed/Flower, 1973.

The Sensible, Toronto, Massasauga, 1972.

Two Police Poems, Vancouver, Talon, 1969.

How I Hear Howl, Montreal, Beaver Kosmos, 1967.