Editions and Editor

I have always been pleased when someone points out that I work to promote the writing of other people. But editing is also a way of serving the language and the art one feels devoted to.

The 1962 Poems of R.S. Lane, Toronto, Ganglia Press, 1965.

Vibrations: poems of youth, Toronto, Gage, 1970.

The Story so Far, Toronto, Coach House, 1972.

The City in her Eyes, by David Cull, Vancouver, Vancouver Community Press, 1972.

Imago Twenty, Vancouver, Talon, 1974.

Cityflowers, by Artie Gold, Montreal, Delta Canada, 1974.

Letters from Geeksville: letters from Red Lane 1960-64Letters from Geeksville: letters from Red Lane 1960-64, Prince George, Caledonia Writing Series, 1976.

Great Canadian Sports Stories, Ottawa, Oberon, 1979.

Fiction of Contemporary Canada, Toronto, Coach House, 1980.

Loki is Buried at Smoky Creek: selected poems of Fred Wah, Vancouver, Talon,1981.

My Body was Eaten by Dogs: selected poems of David McFadden, Toronto, M&S; New York, CrossCountry, 1981.

“1945-1980,” in Introduction to Poetry: British, American, Canadian, David and Lecker, Toronto, Holt, Rinehart, and Winston, 1981.

The Contemporary Canadian Poem Anthology, Toronto, Coach House, 1983.

Sheila Watson and The Double Hook: the artist and her critics, Ottawa, Golden Dog Press, 1984.

Likely Stories: a postmodern sampler, Toronto, Coach House Press, 1992. With Linda Hutcheon.

An H in the Heart: Selected works of bpNichol, Toronto, McClelland & Stewart, 1994. With Michael Ondaatje.

And Other Stories, Vancouver, Talonbooks, 2001.

The 2008 Griffin Poetry Prize Anthology, Toronto, House of Anansi, 2008.

the heart does breakThe Heart Does Break, Toronto, Random House, 2010. With Jean Baird. Toronto, Vintage Canada, 2011.

Tish, Vancouver, 1961-63.

Imago, Calgary, London, Montreal, Vancouver, 1964-1974.

Beaver Kosmos Folios, Calgary, London, Montreal, Vancouver, 1966-75.

Iron 20, Vancouver, 1973.

Tads 4, Vancouver, 1996.