ten women

The centrepiece of The World, I Guess is “The Flood,” a long, complex, discursive poem whose subject is poesis and whose interest is in the world around the writer. But the book ends with a suite of translations of the “modern” Canadian poetry canon, from Charles G.D. Roberts and Archibald Lampman to Irving Layton and Phyllis Webb. [More...]

attack of the toga gang
When thirteen-year-old Harry Fieldstone and his friends start a Poets’ Club at school, they don’t expect they’ll be involved in anything more complicated than limericks and rhyming barbs directed towards one another. But then Harry stumbles across something unexpected — a ring. And it’s not just any ring. [More...]
writing the okanagan
George Bowering was born in Penticton, where his great-grandfather Willis Brinson lived, and Bowering has never been all that far from the Okanagan Valley in his heart and imagination. Writing the Okanagan draws on forty books Bowering has published since 1960 – poetry, fiction, history, and some forms he may have invented. [More...]
the world, i guess

Ten Women is George Bowering’s brand new collection of short fiction. Each of these stories offers us a portrait of a woman with whom he may or may not have had either an intimate and/or a meaningful relationship. You can’t really tell for sure. [More...]